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Our purpose

Zarmakoupis Theodoros – RCPS personal company is licensed and certified  treatment plant specialized in toner and ink cartridges and is contractual with Appliances Recycling S.A., the official collective system that organises, operates and controls the collective system for the alternative management of the Waste of Electrical and Electronic Alternative Equipment (WEEE) in Greece. Zarmakoupis Theodoros – RCPS coordinates all the stages of WEEE - toner and ink cartridges management, which include collection, transportation, temporary storage, separation and treatment of WEEE or/and their components leading ultimately to the removal of environmentally harmful substances and the reuse of recoverable materials as raw material in the production of new products.


Our vision

Zarmakoupis Theodoros – RCPS aims at mobilising citizens and strengthening the collective consciousness of  all stakeholders involved in  the toner and ink cartridges recycling process, such as local government, retail stores, schools, businesses, public organisations etc. Our vision is  WEEE - toner and ink cartridges recycling to become part of the daily routine, so that we can see the environment and our quality of life improve.


Our people

The company is staffed by peoplequalified in area field that was unknown in Greece till recently. The company employs 15 people.